While reconditioning your home, it is always a great idea to refurbish or replace your garage. Aside from a protected place to park your vehicle a garage offers so much more to the overall quality of your home. Not only does a well maintained and aesthetically pleasing garage add value to your home, but it increases the curb appeal as well.

There are many potential garage problems that can arise from years of neglect. Older homes might not have a garage footer or foundation, which is unsafe and becoming increasingly monitored by city inspectors. Along with the foundation the pad or garage floor could be crumbling away. We have refurbished about 50 garage pads and footers in 2013 alone, and we have this process mastered.

Also you might find a garage roof starting to sag, or studs beginning to lean or deteriorate. If this is your problem we have rebuilt and re-supported several garages with similar deficiencies. Other problems such as leaky roof, hanging/clogged gutter, broken doors or windows or lack of electrical might also arise. Whatever your problem we have the experience and the know-how to get it repaired like new.

We are also able to install brand new garages! So if you’re tired of fighting over who gets to park in the one car garage, Let’s build you a brand new 2 car garage and bring peace back to your home.